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LPG savings calculator - see how far you will go with LPG for the same amount spent on Pb

The LPG installations assembly pays off to many vehicle owners, perhaps also to you. Thanks to the calculator, you can compare the mileage coverage while driving on LPG.

How to use our calculator? All you have to do is to enter a few details: your current location, your destination, your average petrol consumption per 100 km and the money you usually spend for refueling. In response, you will receive information about how many kilometers you will cover with the OPTIMA set compared to how many kilometres you cover on petrol.

Activate tracking location option in your browser to view your current position
l of petrol = l of LPG with Optima system
Distance range with Optima system Distance range on gasoline

Total distance range

km on petrol = km on LPG with Optima system
Calculating based on fuel costs PLN and an average petrol consumption of l per 100km

Enter the location and destination ( the distance should be longer than 100 km) and see how far you will go with  our installation OPTIMA comparing the same amounts of money spent on  petrol and autogas.