Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why driving on LPG is ECO?

    LPG is currently regarded as the cleanest fossil fuel. In comparison to gasoline and diesel fumes, gas fumes contain less carbon dioxide (10­-15 %), carbon monoxide ( 20%) and hydrocarbons (55­-60%) The elimination of harmful benzene, lead compounds and sulphates is dedicated to healthcare and environmental awareness.

  2. Is it worth to convert to LPG/CNG?

    Definitely yes. LPG/CNG installation is an investment that always pays off. The refund will be made in a shorter or longer period of time depending on the distances you cover.

  3. How much autogas does a petrol engine use?

    Usually, the vehicle on gas consumes about 15-20 % more gas than petrol -it results from the difference in the weight of the fuel in relation to their volume.  Well-calibrated installation OPTIMA  uses 10-15% more gas than petrol while the savings resulting from the difference in fuel prices are up to 50% at every refuelling.

  4. What should be checked in the engine before an LPG conversion?

    Before an LPG conversion, the engine should be fully functional. This applies to the engine (pistons, valves, head cylinder) as well as its accessories ­carburetor, ignition, plugs, etc.

  5. What are the recommendations for the use of LPG installation?

    To ensure proper work of an LPG converted engine it is essential to keep the valve and electric systems in a good condition. Additionally, it is recommended to perform the following tasks:

    • Replacement of gas filters - vapour phase and liquid phase every 10000 km.
    • Computer diagnostics at 10000 km combined with the above point.
    • Frequent ignition plugs and high­voltage cables inspections.
    • Control of valve position tolerance ­ every 50000 km
  6. Does it matter which conversion workshop I choose?

    Certainly, the choice of a workshop is very important­. Proper installation and configuration results in real savings and one's satisfaction with use. Therefore you should choose only the certified workshops with impeccable mounting practice.

  7. Whom do I get the documents needed for updating the registration certificate with information about the gas installation from?

    All the workshops cooperating with ALEX Sp. z o.o. are entitled to assemble the installation of one manufacturer minimum (current ITS). It is a guarantee that you will receive the set of documents required to make an entry to the registration certificate. Required documents include homologation, invoice, the certificate for a gas tank, warranty booklet.



  8. How much time do I have (after the gas system installation) to register in the Department of Communication and what documents will I need?

    To register the gas installation at the Department of Communications you should submit the invoice for the gas installation (the invoice should contain VIN and registration number of the vehicle), a homologation extract with the installation method, vehicle registration, vehicle card (if issued). We have 30 days to make an entry of an LPG installation to the registration certificate.

  9. I would like to transfer my used LPG system to another car- is that possible?

    No. The legislature banned to use the gas installations used items for reassembly (Journal of Laws No. 201 dated 28-09-2005 Poz.1666 r.).

  10. What am I to do when the LPG tank acceptance period (ie. a legalization period) ends?

    When a 10-year period of the LPG tank exploitation acceptance ends, the vehicle owner should go to a special facility, which will revise the inside of the tank and the hydraulic pressure test. If the test result is positive, an examination protocol is issued, and administrative decision allowing the further exploitation is made. Some containers are not subject to re-verification, in such case, it is necessary to replace the tank with a new one.

  11. I lost my certificate on the LPG tank and cannot pass a technical examination - how can I get it?

    Technical examination of the tank is valid for 10 years from the date of its manufacture. As long as the validity period has not passed, we can apply for a duplicate. To do this, carefully read the following data from the tank plate (it is on each tank):

    1. Manufacturer's name
    2. Serial number
    3. The tank dimension (capacity and diameter),
    4. Manufacture date / technical inspection expiry date
    5. The approval number (67R-),
    6. Transport Technical Supervision Admission (TDT ).

    The duplicate of a certificate can be ordered directly from the manufacturer of the tank or through the workshop where we were installing the LPG system. Depending on the company, it takes 1-3 weeks. In each case, issuing a duplicate is paid.

  12. Will converting my car affect its performance?

    The old carbureted systems and the 2nd generation installations resulted in a loss of vehicle power. Currently used solutions – the 4th generation systems - sequential gas injection provides the same driving performance as on petrol.

  13. After what time does the car switch to LPG?

    Immediately after starting the car engine runs on gasoline. It switches to LPG after achieving the adequate reducer temperature (about 30 ° C) which changes the gas physical state from liquid to gaseous Therefore a lot depends on the ambient temperature, characteristics of the engine and its speed of heating up the refrigerant fluid. Usually, the switch-over occurs after driving several hundred meters. After stopping and restarting a warm engine it switches to LPG immediately.

  14. Will there be a jerk when switching to LPG?

    No. If the autogas system OPTIMA is installed and calibrated properly, the fuel switching is done sequentially and is unnoticeable to the driver and passengers.


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