Optima EXPERT controller


OPTIMA EXPERT The newest gas injection system in the OPTIMA family controllers

Currently, it is the most technically advanced, professional controller with built-in module OBD and fuel pressure sensor emulator. The emulator is fully programmable from the application to the tuning system Optima (from version 2.05). Advanced functions allow for auto adaptation and direct communication with OBD, what makes it one of the most distinctive controllers in 4-6-8 cylinder class. OPTIMA is the first Polish LPG system which meets the requirements of stringent Euro 6 emissions standards.


Selected features of the OPTIMA EXPERT controller:

  • Operation on engines 4/5/6/8 cylindersAbove-average savings
  • The innovative control algorithm
  • Intuitive system usage
  • Precise oscilloscope
  • Protection of the petrol injectors Pb (exhaust valves protection)
  • Ability to set smart post-injection
  • Compact size and quick installation
  • Designed and manufactured in Poland
  • The system meets the emissions standard EURO 6


The controller possesses
E8 67R-016560 and E8 110R-006561 homologation