Savings calculator

Check how much you can save by installing LPG

Are you wondering whether it will be profitable to install gas in your car? There is a reason why LPG installations are very popular among vehicle owners and the number of assemblies is systematically growing.

If you want to check how quickly the LPG installation will pay back, use our calculator. All you have to do is enter the average gas consumption per 100 km and average monthly mileage, and the calculator will inform you about the monthly and annual savings.

You can also specify the cost of LPG installation ,if you already know it. If not, accept the default amount (this is the average installation cost for the average car - a car up to 4 cylinders with an engine power of up to 220 hp). For accurate calculations, you can modify all default values.



LPG system for indirect petrol injection engines



LPG system for direct injection petrol engines (TSI, FSI, TFSI, GDI, T-GDI, EcoBoost, SkyActiv, DISI, JTS, TBI, SIDI, DIG, DIG-T, TCE).