SHARK reducer


SHARK reducer is designed for LPG sequential injection systems. His task is to reduce the pressure and the evaporation of gas to the volatile phase and to maintain proper pressure in order to ensure optimal working conditions of the whole system. Excellent quality of the SHARK reducer, is a guarantee of high efficiency and long-term, trouble-free operation. The unique and modern design ensures proper operation in harsh climatic conditions, which is reflected in the smooth operation of LPG in the user’s car. Reducer is equipped with a gas filter in the liquid phase and the solenoid valve with increased flow. As the first company in Poland we applied the valve with a diameter of 8 mm, this solution resulted that there are no restrictions on the movement of gas to the injection system. Special diaphragm design provides full performance and the lack of pressure drops in the full load range. Designing SHARK reducer, we remembered also about the possibility of installation in two planes, which in many cases is easier for the assembler.